Questionnaire for Candidates

Q & A with Candidates #


Greenfield residents deserve to know where the candidates stand on the issues, so we asked all the candidates about the planks in our platform.

We asked, most answered #


We received responses from (by office and by alphabetical order):

  • Mayoral candidates
    • Virginia Desorgher
    • Roxann Wedegartner
  • City Council Candidates
    • John Garrett (At Large)
    • Rachel Gordon (Precinct 2)
    • Jesus Leyva (At Large)
  • School Committee Candidates
    • Ann Childs
    • Stacey Sexton
  • Assessor Candidates
    • Charles Green
    • David Roulston
  • Trust & Fund Candidates
    • Ann Mayo (Jennie Bascom Education Fund Trustee)
    • Deborah Richards (Jennie Bascom Education Fund Trustee)

Thank you to all these candidates for the time and care they put into answering these questions! At a time when local journalism has sharply limited capacity to cover elections, we are grateful that candidates put in the extra work to help Greenfielders know where they stand on the issues.

We did not receive responses from:

  • City Council Candidates
    • John Bottomley (Precinct 4)
    • Katherine Golub (Precinct 1)
    • Michael Mastrototaro (Precinct 3)
    • Wahab Minhas (At Large)
  • School Committee Candidates
    • Marina Leonovich
    • Amy Proietti
  • Trust & Fund Candidates
    • Sally Ahearn (AK Warner Trustee)
    • Maria Burge (Jennie Bascom Education Fund Trustee)
    • Adele Corcoran (Jennie Bascom Education Fund Trustee)
    • Martha Maloney (AK Warner Trustee)

We encourage you to ask these candidates where they stand on the issues, and how they will earn your vote. See contact information for all candidates on the City of Greenfield 2023 Local Election page.

See the blank questionnaire we sent to candidates here. This version of the questionnaire includes all questions in all categories, which is the version of the questionnaire we sent to candidates for mayor and city council. Other candidates had much shorter questionnaires tailored to their offices. Fund & trust candidates were simply asked to share their experience and why they were running for the office.